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Petitioning season is upon us in Brooklyn. People are getting up and getting involved in the massive push for their local elected officials (and those seeking to oust them). Across New York City, the big deal is the race for City Council. Some people have terms expiring, some have nearly no competition, some are being challenged by many whom feel they would represent the district “better.”

Why does anyone have to petition? If someone wants to run for public office in NYC, then they need to have a certain number of signatures to get their name on the ballot. The signatures must come from register voters, of the same party, whom live in the district of that elected office of which they seek.

Kids can greatly enjoy the experience of petitioning. Plus, they learn great things in the process.

The madness happens when it comes down to qualifying the signatures. There are multiple ways that a signature can be disqualified. First, if the person does not meet the previously noted requirements, then secondly if they have already signed another petition form. This isn’t just about signing a petition so someone has the chance to run for an office. It is about signing the form of the party of whom you will support.

Recently, I found out that people I know actually signed a form for the candidate of whom they didn’t plan to vote for because they received a petitioner to their front door whom failed to note that if you sign one candidates petition then you can’t sign the other. Regardless, if someone does sign both then it is the name is received by the person whom obtained the signature first.

Petitioning began on June 6, so we are now a couple weeks in and still have a few more to go. Here’s what you can do…

(1) Click Here to find your local NYC Council Representative.

(2) Determine if your a fan of your representative.

(3) If not, check to see if they have anyone running against them

(4) Decide on the the City Council candidate of your choice and contact them to expressing your interest in helping their campaign.

(5) When you volunteer, bring your friends and family. This is a great way to have a fun time while participating in an altruistic experience.

  • Please note, there are other offices up for election, including the Brooklyn District Attorney, etc. You could also contact these offices. 

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