Join us! We pride ourselves in our commitment to empowering those suffering with anxiety, while educating the general public. There is so much to be done! We can always use the help!

Volunteers opportunities can include many different types of things of which include but are not limited to: disseminating info about initiatives or upcoming events by phone; helping at events, workshops or conferences and being a part of our street team.

About Our Life

Our Life, Inc. assists persons suffering with anxiety by providing them with access to community resources. By linking community members with resource providers, the organization has been able to quickly help individuals that are in need of both short-term solutions and ongoing help in Southern Brooklyn.

This vital organization also engages the general public through community-minded experience events, which range from educationally infused festivals to workshops and conferences to teleconferences and various presentations.





Please send all inquiries, requests for service, vendor relations, etc to: amber@ourlife.nyc

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